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We believe that process drives success, and the process can always be improved. Our philosophy is one of continuous improvement, and we achieve that through Lean Manufacturing.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a methodology that focuses on minimizing waste within manufacturing systems while simultaneously maximizing productivity. Waste is seen as anything that customers do not believe adds value and for which customers are not willing to pay.

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Determining what aspects of a process add value (that which the customer will pay for) and those activities considered non-valued added (that which the customer does not wish to pay for) is a critical first step on a lean journey. Elimination of waste or non-valued added activities is fundamental to Lean Manufactruing.

Lean defines 8 typical wastes:

  1. Defects - product or service failing to meet customer expectations
  2. Over Production - making more product that customers demand
  3. Waiting - time spent waiting for the next process step to occur
  4. Unused Talent - underuilization of people’s talents, skills, and knowledge
  5. Transportation - the unnecessary movement of products and materials
  6. Inventory - excess products and materials that are not processed
  7. Motion - wasted time and effort related to unnecessary movement of people
  8. Over Processing - processing to a higher quality than the customer requires

Draw Line utilizes several Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques to eliminate waste and increase value for the customer and manufacturer.

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